…what are we doing here, anyway?

For a long time, and somewhat intermittently, I wrote for a blog on this site called The Cost of Energy. It was focused on energy and climate issues, which I did and certainly still do think are critically important for all of humanity.

But then, life intervened, I stopped blogging, and I increasingly wished I were blogging again about energy, climate, and other things. Insert comment here about the addictive nature of soapboxes, and all that.

After much thought, I decided to blow up TCoE and start fresh, with a more generalized focus, i.e. whatever the hell I wanted to talk about in any given post. My free time hasn’t increased much, if any, in the last few months, so I don’t know how often I’ll show up here, drag my soapbox to the center of the room, climb up on it, and howl. And I’m still making up my mind about some non-trivial things, like post comments, which you may have noticed are not allowed at the moment, a contact email, etc. But while the pondering daemon is churning away on those details I can still kick things off, warm up my creaking writing muscles, and see if this feels more like Going Home or Something I Used To Be and Have Left Behind.

And in case anyone wonders, the humongous photo at the top of this page was taken by me, in the Finger Lakes area of NY State.

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