Some voting thoughts

Now that we’re just getting to the serial horrors of having IdiotBoy in the White House with Republican majorities in the House and Senate — and yes, I’m thinking primarily about the horrific budget they unveiled just last night and the signaling they’re already doing that to contain the massive deficit they’re running up they will (surprise!) want to massively cut programs which benefit the bottom 99% of the country, especially the poor –I would like to address a few, no doubt overlapping, groups:


the people who didn’t bother to vote in November 2016 because you were too lazy or you tried to tell yourselves and the world that “both parties are the same” or some other obviously false notion;

the people who voted for IdiotBoy to amuse yourself (a.k.a. indulged in electoral masturbation) because you “knew there was no way he could win”;

the people who actually wanted IdiotBoy to win because you’re a racist piece of shit who simply had to have your revenge for this country having a scandal-free black presidency for eight years;

the people who were stupid enough to believe literally decades of lies pushed by right-wing media about the Clintons;

the people who thought you were some sort of game theory mastermind who was smarter than everyone else in the room and had figured out that it was actually a good idea to vote third party;

the people who had their underwear in a knot because Sanders lost the nomination and refused to vote for Hillary Clinton;

the people who otherwise didn’t have the common sense of the average tub of cottage cheese and never realized that with someone as manifestly awful as IdiotBoy running, the only rational course of action was to vote for Hillary Clinton,

I say:

Fuck you.

We’re headed into very tough times for anyone not in the top 1%, quite possibly with a big ol’ steaming constitutional crisis ladled on top, with a side order of federal government dysfunction like nothing any of us has ever seen. And it is all your fault. You had to throw away your chance to do the obvious, simple right thing for yourself, your loved ones, and your country, and you fucked it up.

But all is not lost. As the recent Senate election in Alabama shows, we can learn. Yes, it took an overwhelming effort by the African American community in that state to just barely defeat one of the most loathsome candidates memory, and said vile creature got large majorities of the white vote. But Alabama and the US got the right result, which makes it something to build on.

And that brings me to what needs to happen next. We need all you people who treat voting like a drinking game to pull your head out of your ass, act like responsible adults, and vote for candidates that will start to fix this relentless shitstorm the Republicans have unleashed.

Will enough of you do it? I have no bloody idea.

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