Announcing the Happy Homeowner Series

My wife and I have done a lot of remodeling work on our houses over the years, so I thought it would be helpful to others to share some of our experiences with other (would be) DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) out there. And frankly, it’s an opportunity for me to get back into at least semi-regular blog writing, which is something I’ve missed.

Just a word or three about the whole DIY thing. We are strong believers in DIY, mostly for the obvious reasons: You can save significant money, you get complete control over your projects, and you get the sometimes enormous satisfaction from completing a job. These benefits comes at a (non-monetary) price, even assuming you get the desired results the first time. You have to do the work (duh), but you also frequently have the additional step of educating yourself about individual tasks. I often feel like one of the characters in the Matrix movie franchise, who get an instant download into their brain of how to pilot a helicopter or whatever. Now if only I can find a way to have a USB socket or Bluetooth chip installed in my head to make the download process a bit faster than Googling things and reading dozens of web sites.


As this series continues, I plan to talk about a lot of things, from specific tasks, like replacing lights and ceiling fans or installing nail-down hardwood flooring to the right way to paint a room, to more general concepts like how to decide whether some improvement or repair is a good DIY candidate or if it’s a job for a professional, and how to deal with all the “helpful” information you’ll find online about how to do various jobs. I’ll also throw in some stories about our personal Happy Homeowner Adventures, a name I give to our ongoing remodeling and repair work, and the source of the name of this series.

So, I hope this is a valuable resource for at least a few people out there.

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