Announcing the Happy Homeowner Series

My wife and I have done a lot of remodeling work on our houses over the years, so I thought it would be helpful to others to share some of our experiences with other (would be) DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) out there. And frankly, it’s an opportunity for me to get back into at least semi-regular blog […]

Some voting thoughts

Now that we’re just getting to the serial horrors of having IdiotBoy in the White House with Republican majorities in the House and Senate — and yes, I’m thinking primarily about the horrific budget they unveiled just last night and the signaling they’re already doing that to contain the massive deficit they’re running up they […]


…what are we doing here, anyway?

For a long time, and somewhat intermittently, I wrote for a blog on this site called The Cost of Energy. It was focused on energy and climate issues, which I did and certainly still do think are critically important for all of humanity.

But then, life intervened, I stopped […]

Getting my WordPress legs back…

…seems like it will be more of a chore than I expected.

For all the considerable wonderfulness of WP, setting up a new site to look and act exactly the way you want requires a lot of fiddling with theme settings. I had forgotten how much work and frustration this entails; you can find an […]


…ain’t this a hell of a thing?

After all this time, this site is alive again (assuming a fairly broad definition of “alive”, obviously…).